Resources for Growing Mushrooms

A list of useful resources to help you with growing gourmet mushrooms at home.


Essential Guide to Growing Mushrooms Jacket
Stephen Russell
An excellent starting point for the beginner. Step-by-step instructions are clearly presented along with plenty of photos. My only criticism is that sterile technique is emphasized too heavily.
Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation Jacket
Tradd Cotter
Tradd's book is very accessible no matter how much experience you have. There's good information about growing mushrooms both indoors and outdoors, along with some more interesting use for fungi. The book is peppered with plenty of captivating photos making it a pleasure to browse.
Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms
Paul Stamets
Stamets is one of the pioneering figures in the cultivation of gourmet mushrooms. This book is considered by some as the bible of mushroom growing and it's packed with good information. It may be a little daunting for the newcomer, I usually advise people to pick up one of the other books as a starting point and then move onto this. I frequently find myself referring to it years after having first read it.




  • Mush Farmer – The Mush Farmer has moved onto morel cultivation, but there’s some excellent information in his “Mushroom Adventures” series
  • Myer’s Mushrooms – Eric is an extremely knowledgeable and is always improving his methods and inventing more efficient ways to grow mushrooms.
  • What the Fungus – I did Brian’s mentorship program in 2018, he’s an extremely dedicated with a lot of knowledge about growing mushrooms.


Cultures, Spawn and Supplies


Western Australia

Substrate supplies

  • 2 Brothers Foods - Useful to get small quantities of grain delivered (delivery is approximately $3 for 5kg in the local metro area).
  • MircoBros - Good for many substrate materials in bulk - grain, chaff, vermiculite etc.
  • City Farmers - Straw, some grain (wheat, wild-bird seed) and paper pellets
  • BBQ’s Galore - Hardwood fuel pellets (HWFP) - can be used as a substrate for wood-loving mushrooms
  • WA & J. King - Bulk sawdust supplies: jarrah, blue gum, cedar, mixed, pine