Mushroom Growing Courses

A list of people and companies that run hands-on mushroom cultivation courses and workshops across the globe.

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  • Mushroom Kenya - Karen Farm in Nairobi provide basic (1 day) or comprehensive (3 day) training options.

South Africa

  • Mushroom Academy - Provides half and full-day cultivation courses for entrepreneurial to commercial enterprises.
  • Valley Mushroom Farm - Teaches and consults for all gourmet and medicinal mushroom enthusiasts or growing mushrooms for profit —



  • Mushroom World - This Singaporean company teaches 1 and 3 day cultivation workshops from their farm in Phuket, Thailand.



  • Mycelia School - Provides a variety of 4 and 5 day courses that cover substrate production, spawn production and lab design. Group and individual courses available.


  • Eko Fungi School - Focusing on both cultivation and business development in the mushroom industry, courses are all-inclusive and run for 6 days.


  • Cultivar Hongos - Based in Calahorra, La Rioja, they provide training in spawn and substrate production and cultivation of button and gourmet mushrooms.


  • Coed Talylan - Coed Talylan runs 2 day courses with a focus on outdoor cultivation techniques.

  • Brighton UK - 2 day mushroom workshops to get you started with growing gourmet mushrooms both indoors and outdoors.

North America


  • Fungaia Farm - Based in California, Fungaia farm provides workshops focusing on outdoor cultivation.

  • Fungi for the People - Offers a number of different mycology classes including gourmet mushrooms, cordyceps cultivation and mycoremediation.

  • Midwest American Mycological Information - MAMI provide wild mushroom foraging certification programs.

  • Mushroom Mountain - Tradd Cotter offers 1 day to 5 day mushroom cultivation courses from his farm in South Carolina.

  • Mycosymbiotics - Run by William Padilla-Brown, courses usually focus on his specialty, the cultivation of cordyceps mushrooms.

  • Myer’s Mushrooms - Eric Myer runs 2 day mushroom farming workshops from his operation in Kansas. Classes are kept small, with a maximum of 6 per class.


  • What the Fungus - Brian Callow offers on-site training in his 6 day mentorship program from his farm in Summerland. You will learn about lab design, strain selection, substrates, spawn and sales and marketing.
  • Champignons Maison - Based in Montreal, Champignons Maison offers short-courses in applied mycology .
  • Fungi Akuafo - Based in Calgary Alberta, Tara and Meghan offer both on-line and in-person courses on indoor and outdoor mushroom cultivation.



  • Forest Fungi - Will Borowski from Forest Fungi has been teaching mushroom cultivation for longer than anyone in Australia. He runs 1 and 2 day courses in Tasmania and periodically teaches in other states.
  • Little Acre - They run 1 day cultivation courses with a focus on growing in Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate.
  • Milkwood - Nick Ritar runs 2 day gourmet mushroom cultivation workshops several times throughout the year.
  • Urban Kulture - Aaron Boyer and his team teach run short courses all around Australia to get you started with growing gourmet mushrooms.

South America


  • Setas De Siecha - Setas de Siecha are located in Macheta, Cundinamarca, Colombia. They offer in-person and virtual courses on mushroom cultivation, mycelium production and workshops on the Fungi Kingdom for children and young adults.


  • Fungi Academy - Run from the stunning Lake Atitlan in Guatamela, the Fungi Academy teaches all the necessary skills to being your gourmet mushrooms growing journey.

Please contact me if you know of any courses that aren’t on this list. Only hands-on courses will be included in the list!